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New to Girls Basketball?

Welcome to Girls Blaine Youth Basketball.  We're here to answer any questions you might have about our program and to help you get started.

We have four programs for girls to participant in:

  • FUNdamentals (grades K-1)
  • In-House (grades 2-6)
  • Travel Lite (grades 3-4)
  • Traveling (grades 4-8).

Here are the highlights of each program:

FUNdamentals (K-1)

  • Cost of program is $55 and includes (6) 60-minute sessions with an additional 30 minutes of open shooting time
  • T-shirt provided
  • Clinics are held on Saturdays for six weeks in January and February
  • Our focus is on basic fundamentals such as dribbling, passing, correct form shooting, defense, etc
  • We use 8-ft basketball hoops, allowing the girls to build confidence and develop good fundamentals
  • There are NO formal teams or games
  • The last 15 minutes of each session is "open" time for parents to shoot with their children.

In-House (2-6)

  • Cost of program is $160
  • Game/practice jersey provided
  • 2nd grade:  primary practice nights are Mondays; secondary practice nights are Wednesdays 
  • 2nd grade is a 4 on 4 format with 8 foot hoops
  • 3rd grade:  primary practice nights are Tuesdays; secondary practice nights are Thursdays
  • 3rd grade uses 9 foot hoops
  • Games for all grades are usually played on Saturdays (double headers) but may be played on Thursdays or Sundays based on gym availability
  • There are a total of 12 games with most games played at Blaine, Anoka, and Coon Rapids schools
  • 3 days of basketball per week consisting of 2 games and 1-2 practices
  • Season starts the week of October 8th and ends in mid-December with the end-of-year tournament
  • We no longer offer in-house for 7th & 8th grade due to lack of numbers. We encourage these players to check with Andover or Coon Rapids for playing opportunities.

Travel Lite (3-4)

  • A program for in-house players to extend their basketball season and get a feel for the traveling experience.
  • Starts at the end of the in-house season (mid-December) and goes until the Blaine tournament (mid-February).
  • Cost of program is $100
  • There are typically 2 teams - one in 3rd and one in 4th
  • Coaches pick a couple of interested players from each in-house team to form travel lite teams.
  • One practice per week
  • Teams play in 2-3 tournaments - the Blaine tournament being one of them.

Traveling (4-8)

  • Cost of program is $350 plus $100 fundraising fee ($450 total)
  • Full uniform cost is $84
  • $150 parent volunteer check required (to be returned after volunteer commitment is fulfilled)
  • Two practices per week
  • Timberwolves & MSB training sessions on some Sundays
  • Season runs from late September to the MYAS State Tournament in early March
  • 8-12 weekend tournaments including one overnight out-of-town tournament
  • Tryouts required - held in September

Fundraising Fees

Traveling players pay a required $100 fundraising fee with their registration.  The fundraising fee covers 20 raffle tickets. These tickets can be sold to recoup your fee. Additional fundraising tickets can be purchased to help offset your costs even more.  Fundraising fees are per family (not per athlete and there is a $100 max. per family). 

In-House vs. Traveling

A question we get asked frequently is what are the differences between our in-house program and our traveling program. Here are the key differences between these programs.

  • In-house is less expensive
  • In-house has a much shorter season (2 month season versus 5 month season in traveling)
  • In-house is less competitive
  • In-house is great for a beginner player or one playing other sports during the winter
  • In-house is a great place to "dip your toes in the water" to see if the player likes it before committing to traveling
  • In-house requires less driving and commuting as games are primarily played in Blaine, Coon Rapids, or Anoka; traveling games can be played throughout the Twin Cities metro area

Who Can Play in Girls Blaine Youth Basketball?

Anyone residing in the Blaine high school district is welcome to participate in our programs. Click here to verify your home address is in the district.

We encourage players to play in their home association whenever possible. If a player lives outside the Blaine high school district and wants to participate in our traveling program, you'll need a MYAS player release form signed by your home association, Blaine Youth Basketball association, and any associations between your's and Blaine.

For example, if you live in Champlin, you would need to get a signed release from Champlin, Coon Rapids, and Blaine Youth Basketball. These requirements are driven by MYAS (Minnesota Youth Athletic Services).

Where Do I Get Uniforms?

Each player in the FUNdamentals program gets a t-shirt with their registration fee. Players can wear whatever shorts they would like.

Reversible jerseys are included with the registration fee for in-house players. Shorts are not included and players can wear whatever shorts they would like. Some coaches may encourage their players to match their shorts in color but there is no requirement that shorts match.

If a player makes a traveling team, a full traveling uniform is required which is purchased after try outs and before the traveling tournaments begin. Uniform try on sessions are made available and communicated to parents so players can try on a uniform to determine the proper sizes for the jerseys and shorts.

When Are Sign Ups?

We typically open registration for all three programs in mid-August.

Registration typically closes in mid-September for in-house and traveling, and in mid-December for FUNdamentals.

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