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Tournament Rules

  • Games held at BHS (Blaine High School), OMS (Oakview Middle School) and NMS (Northdale Middle School). Teams may play at more than one location throughout the tournament – make sure you check the location/court carefully for each game.
  • Official schedule will be posted at each location - please check brackets for any game time or location changes.
  • Schools will open at 8:15am.  Concessions will be available at all locations.
  • Admissions:  $7 per day for adults; $5 for Seniors (55+) and Children over 5; Children 5 and under are FREE.
  • All head coaches will receive a gift and 2 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars as a thank you for attending our tournament.
  • Minnesota State High School League rules will be observed, with the following notations/changes:
  • Home team is first (or top) team listed – home team wears dark uniform, and will provide game ball and score keeper (if required).
  • Games are scheduled at 1 hour 5 min intervals – our goal is to stay on schedule.  5 minute warm up will be provided – 3 minute half time. We may shorten these times to stay on schedule.  Note: games may start up to 15 minutes early if we are ahead of schedule.
  • Games are (2) 14 min halves (stop time). Running time last 7 mins of game if lead is 20 pts+, stop time if lead drops below 10 pts.
  • Each team gets (3) 1 min timeouts per game. 1 additional timeout per overtime period.  Timeouts do not carry over.
  • In case of a tie after regulation, first OT will be two min (stop time). Second OT will be sudden death (running time).  All overtimes will commence with a jump ball.  Note: Friendship games will be declared a tie after first overtime, if still tied.
  • 1-and-1 free throw bonus in effect on 7th foul per half.  Double bonus free throws in effect on 10th foul per half.
  • Any technical foul (bench or player) will result in automatic 2 points + the ball for opposing team (no free throws shot).
  • Any player or coach receiving two technical fouls in a game will be ejected and required to leave the building.
  • 3rd & 4th Grade: No full court press or zone defense allowed, person-person defense must be used after crossing 1/2 court. One warning - subsequent violations result in bench technical.
  • 3rd graders may start one foot ahead of the free throw line.  Both 3rd & 4th graders may land over FT line on FT attempts.
  • 5th–8th Grade: No press allowed if team is ahead by 20 points+. One warning – subsequent violations result in bench technical.
  • A team cannot start a game with less than 5 players. If enough players are not on the floor 5 mins after scheduled (or declared earlier start time), the game will end in a forfeit.  15-0 will be used as final score for all forfeits.
  • Line-up must be entered on official score sheet prior to start of game, incomplete or incorrect line-ups result in bench technical foul.
  • Protests will not be honored. All disputes will be settled by game officials. Tournament director or volunteers have no control over officials. Sportsmanship concerns by player/coach/official can be brought to Tournament Director or Site Supervisor.
  • Coaches are responsible for their actions, and the actions of their players and fans. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Officials have authority to forfeit games if necessary. Tournament Director or Site Supervisor reserves the right to remove individuals from premises, or refuse admission to individuals, at their sole discretion. No refunds of any kind will be given if this occurs.
Awards will be awarded as follows:

  • 4 team bracket (1st Place: T-shirt & Trophy, 2nd Place: Trophy)
  • 6 team bracket (1st Place:  T-shirt & Trophy, 2nd Place: Trophy, 3rd Place: Trophy)
  • 8 team bracket (1st Place: T-shirt & Trophy, 2nd Place: Trophy, 3rd Place: Trophy, Consolation: Trophy)


2 TEAM TIE: Head-to-head competition between those teams will determine winner.
3 OR MORE TEAM TIE: See detailed steps below
  • Step One: Point differential tie breaker applied ONLY between the teams involved in the tie. Teams are ranked according to the sum of point differential, team with highest ranking is determined pool winner.  15 points is max plus/minus total that will be factored into point differential calculation. Once pool winner has been determined, tie between remaining 2 teams is broke via head-to-head competition.
  • Step Two: More than 2 teams still tied? Point differential of games from teams not involved in tie are added and results are recalculated.
  • Step Three: More than two teams still tied after Step Two? 3 way coin flip will break the tie, with odd team declared the pool winner. If all 3 coins are same, all 3 teams will flip again. Tie between remaining two teams is broken via head-to-head competition.