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Traveling Tryout info

4th - 8th Grade Boys Tryout Information

Update 9/19/2018:  New Traveling teams have been posted on the Boys Traveling page on this website.



We are modifying the tryout process to help accommodate some schedule conflicts. Please check the schedule below carefully. We have tryouts spread across 3 nights, but players will only tryout on 2 of those nights. Please be sure to check the schedule so your son comes on the appropriate nights.


All sessions are held at Blaine High School on the following dates and times for each grade:

Your son is only allowed to tryout on the dates listed for his grade. Please contact Mutt Pierpont if any questions (



We always have long lines at check in, and we need to start on time. Upon check in, players will receive a jersey and a wristband. Please keep the jersey for the second tryout as they must wear the same number on both nights. Jerseys must be returned after their second night so plan on bringing a spare shirt.

Please understand parents are not allowed to watch the tryout sessions. Only players, coaches, and evaluators be allowed beyond our check in tables. There will be a brief Q&A for parents shortly after the tryouts begin.


Our previous year’s uniforms were discontinued by the manufacturer. This means we will be getting all new uniforms for the 2018-2019 season. We will be rolling the cost of those uniforms into the second registration. 

If your son is selected for a traveling team, you will need to pay the second $160 registration fee plus a $97 uniform fee for a total of $252 at this second registration. If you want to order spirit wear (warm-ups, shirts, etc), you will have an opportunity to do that later on.


  • Teams will be posted on BYB website Wednesday September 19th after 6pm.
  • If you are not placed on a traveling team, your registration will automatically be placed into our In-House/Rec program with no further payments required.
  • On Tuesday October 9th, there will be a mandatory Parent meeting for traveling parents.

Below you will find an excerpt from our updated policy. We are attempting to give our BYB families a better understanding of the tryout process. There are many aspects to basketball as you can see below and many factors that are taken into account during player evaluations. Our goal is to provide you with some info to share with your son. 

New Policy excerpt: Grades 4-8 - Preseason/Tryouts and Team assignments:

A preseason tryout will be held for all players in grades 4-8 that will consist of a pre-determined number of sessions. Led by the varsity program’s coaching staff, the sessions will be run camp/clinic style for instruction and play. The objective is player development. Curriculum, evaluation criteria, and scoring methodology are set by a committee of representatives from respective varsity programs and the BYB and will be pre-determined prior to the preseason session.

  • No evaluators will have a child in the grade they are evaluating
  • Evaluators are given 2-4 areas of focus for each session and submit grades based on observations and performance
  • Areas of focus may include, but not limited to:
    • Shooting
    • Defense
    • Ball handling
    • Rebounding
    • Finishing
    • Game Skills
    • Passing
    • Coachability
    • Hustle
    • Footwork
    • Positional comparison
  • Within areas of focus, areas of consideration include, but not limited to:
    • Offensive moves
    • Defensive positioning
    • Quality of performance Efficiency and effectiveness of movements
    • Athleticism
    • Basketball intelligence 
    • Instincts 
    • Recognition
    • Understanding of individual play
    • Understanding of team play
    • Communication
    • Sportsmanship
  • All scores are tallied for each night of tryouts and a final average score is calculated
  • Prior to participating in the preseason tryout session, players must be fully registered.
  • New players to the program may be required to include a copy of their report card, player ID or school letter to allow for BYB validation of both grade level and jurisdiction eligibility.