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10,000 Shot Club

10K Shot Club

10,000 Shot Club
For all Boys entering grades 3-9
May 15 - August 31, 2021

10K Shot Club Focus Shots

Instructions for Submitting Made Shots

By BYB 05/07/2021, 2:00pm CDT

Follow these instructions to submit your made shots below.

All players from the 2020-2021 BYB Boys Basketball Season are eligible.

Choose your grade for the fall of 2021 and select Next.

Player names within a grade are listed in alphabetical order by LAST NAME.  Select your player's name.

Enter the shots made during your workout.

Click Submit.

The Leaderboard updates daily with new totals from all users.

All players from the 2021 Season are alphabetized by last name.  

If your name is not found, please contact Chris below.

Chris Kopp

Traveling Coordinator

Click Here to View the 2021 10K Shot Progress Report.

Note: It can take several minutes for the shots submitted to be reflected in the latest Leaderboard stats.  

To 3th-8th Grade Bengal Youth Boys Basketball Players:

After each basketball season, we will be challenging players to join our 10,000 shot club.     To become a member of our 10,000 shot club, you will need to take and record 10,000 MADE basketball game shots during the time period of this program.    Recording your attempts and makes gives you the opportunity to see if you are improving your efficiency.

 When shooting:

  • Write down long term goals- ex. Out of my 10,000 made shots, I will Make 500 FT’s, 40% from 3 point area, etc.
  • Set a daily goal- ex. 50 Free Throws, 25 made 3’s, 25 Post moves, etc. and record them.
  • Use the correct form when taking your shots -- 100 quality shots is better than 1000 sloppy shots!
    • Eye on Target
    • Stance and Balance- Square up
    • Shot pocket
    • Grip
    • Balance Hand
    • Delivery
    • High release
    • Follow through
  • Shoot a variety of shots-  Always start closer to the basket where you are most comfortable and move out when ready!
  • Go full (game) speed- maximize your shooting session.
  • Enjoy the process!  The results will come.


“It is easy to be average, it takes work to be great! “   

Be Great everyday!

-Coach Mark Arzdorf- Blaine Varsity Basketball coach

2020 BYB Boys 10,000 Shot Club Members

Player Name Shots Made
Gavin Krenz  12046
Wesley Perez 10684
J Mohr 10145
Gavin Olson 10097
Gavin Weir 10055


Congratulations to these players for their commitment to this goal during the off season!