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10,000 Shot Club

Blaine Bengal Basketball  

10,000 Shot Club
For all Boys entering grades 4-12
Now - September 18th, 2016

To all Bengal Basketball Players:

Congratulations on your 2016-2017 Blaine basketball season.  It has been great for our coaching staff to get out and see all of you participating in the great game of basketball this winter.   We are very excited with the progress that you have made, and are excited about the future of Blaine Bengal Basketball!

Your preparation for the next basketball season has already started!  From now until the start of next season is a great time to be working on your weaknesses and becoming a better player.   Great basketball players are not born, they are made!

We are challenging you from now until September 15th to join our 10,000 shot club.     To become a member of our 10,000 shot club, you will need to take and record 10,000 MADE basketball game shots between now and September 15.    You will need to record not only the number of shots attempted, but the shots made.  Recording your makes gives you the opportunity to see if you are improving your efficiency.

 When shooting:

-        Write down long term goals- ex. Out of my 10,000 made shots, I will Make 500 FT’s, 40% from 3 point area, etc.

-        Set a daily goal- ex. 50 Free Throws, 25 made 3’s, 25 Post moves, etc. and record them.

-        Use the correct form when taking your shots.  –100 quality shots is better than 1000 sloppy shots!

o   Eye on Target

o   Stance and Balance- Square up

o   Shot pocket

o   Grip

o   Balance Hand

o   Delivery

o   High release

o   Follow through

-        Shoot a variety of shots-  Always start closer to the basket where you are most comfortable and move out only when ready!

-        Go full speed- maximize your shooting session.

-        Enjoy the process!  The results will come.

Record and send your calendars to us by September 15, 2017.   Scan or take a picture and e-mail it to

 If you achieve the goal of 10,000 shots you will receive a Blaine Bengal Club T- Shirt.

“It is easy to be average, it takes work to be great! “   

Be Great everyday!

-Coach Mark Arzdorf- Blaine Varsity Basketball coach