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Update for Week of Dec. 11th - Dec. 17th

By Tom Kleffner, 12/12/17, 2:45PM CST



Here are the reminders for this week.

Practices This Week:







6:45 PM – 8:00 PM

Blaine High School (Center Court)



6:45 PM – 8:00 PM

Blaine High School (East Court)


Rosemount Tournament (Dec. 16/17):

  • 1st Game is Saturday, Dec. 16th at 6:15 PM at Blackhawk Middle School (Court #9), I've added to our website/SportsEngine.


YBB Hoops:

BYB board member Troy Meyers yesterday sent the coaches an email about a new site called YBB Hoops.  YBB Hoops ( is a website which is attempting to rank all of the boys and girls Minnesota youth traveling basketball teams.  Yes, we live in a time when 4th Grade C teams are being attempted to be ranked at the state level.  I debated sharing this information with you all, but I figured if it exist, you might as well know about it.  The site was launched last month and I'm curious to see how frequent and in depth the updates will be, for example at the time of this email being drafted, there is no data for Boys Grade 5B, although we are listed as 3rd, which is interesting.  

To be clear, the sites rankings have zero impact on our season.  Like any rankings, they are only the opinions of those that are presenting it. 

The theory for its existence shared with the coaches was that it could be used for spring/summer AAU basketball recruiting.   My theory is that the MYAS State Tournament seeding process is such an unscientific mess that a group of people were looking for a way to gather data throughout the season to provide coaches empirical evidence as to how their team should be seeded.  Versus the current method which is based on your coaches ability to sell his/her team into the right bracket and corresponding seed.  Its too early to tell if this site is going to impact the MN youth basketball community, but I though I'd share it with you anyway.

That's all for now, have a good week.