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Update for Week of Oct. 29th - Nov. 4th

By Tom Kleffner, 10/28/17, 4:45PM CDT



I forgot to mention in my previous email that there is a Skill Session tomorrow Sunday, Oct. 29th 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Northdale Middle School



Congratulations to the Bengals (Nick U., Connor M., & Jack V.) and Broncos (Seth B., Jack O.) football teams on making their tier’s championship games!  Congrats to the Reign (Eric K. and Charlie P.) on making the semifinals and a strong season.  As the football season wraps up this weekend, I’m excited to see the whole team together for the first time this week.  We only have four practices before our first game and have a number of things to get through in that time.   As such if you can encourage your son to bring their best listening ears and attitude it would be appreciated.

Practices This Week:








6:15 PM – 7:45 PM

Roosevelt (Upper Gym)

Location changed from the original communication of Eisenhower, it was moved to Roosevelt Middle School.  SportEngine has been updated as well.



6:15 PM – 7:45 PM

Roosevelt (Back Gym)



BYB Administrative Paperwork:

Reminder for those that haven’t completed the paperwork.   I’ll have the forms at this week’s practices.

Emergency Information Form

I will need a form completed for each player on the team. Form available on our team website, towards the bottom of the page. 

Parent’s Code of Conduct Form

A single form with a signature from one of the parents for each player.  I will have this form at the next couple practices until we get a signature from each player’s parent.

Player’s Code of Conduct Form

A single form with a signature from each player.  I will have the boys sign this at the next practice they attend.

Blaine Day with the Timberwolves:

Amy has sent a couple of emails this week with updated information, please refer to them for the latest.  Please send your RSVP info and questions to her.

Amy Pierpont


Cell Phone: (651) 368-2257

That’s all for now.