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MYAS State Tournament

By LJM, 03/03/20, 4:00PM CST


For this tournament, please bring a copy of the Player's student ID OR report card with their name and grade and school year clearly visibleThis is in case of a protest where we may be asked to prove players are not older than 7th grade.  Players can "play up", but they can't play down.

Players and coaches also have to physically sign a code of conduct on our official roster.  Coach will have this at practice so we can submit it electronically before the tournament.

Brackets are here.

Tournament Information is here.

Games will be two 14-minute stop-time halves.  Home team must provide an official score keeper at the scorer's table (and chooses jersey color).  A coin flip determines the home team.

MYAS is strict about game times.  We have some space between our games, but must be on time!

Games at Kennedy Activity Center
Saturday, March 14.  We are in the "B Pool" (simply alphabetical groupings, nothing about brackets).
Game 1: 8:00 AM vs. Cottage Grove B7C on Ct 4.  Please arrive by 7:30 AM in Blue Uniform.
Game 2: 1:25 PM vs. Eagan B7C2 on Ct 4.

After the first two games, it moves into bracket play.  Possible Scenarios:

  • If we are in 3rd place in our "B Pool", we play Sunday, March 15 at 12:15 PM.   Win or lose, this would be the last game.
  • If we are in 2nd place in our B Pool, we play on Saturday again at 4:40 pm on Court 5.  If we lose, we are done, we must win to move forward and play on Sunday.
  • If we are in 1st place in our B Pool, we play Sunday at 10:05 AM.  If we lose, we are done, we must win to move forward and keep playing.


Possible Game Times Sunday (win each one to keep playing): 10:05, 12:15, 2:25.