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Dec. 30: BYB Day with the Timberwolves 7C Details

By Laurel, 12/29/19, 9:30AM CST


Details for BYB Scrimmage and Timberwolves Game - tickets required.

Please be in the main ticket lobby by 2:00 pm (street level - 1st Ave and 6th St) so we are ready to play by 2:30. The scrimmage time goes by very quickly.  The 7th grade A, B & C teams have been split into two for their grade-level scrimmage.  Please see randomly chosen uniform color below for your player – they should come dressed and ready to play.  Coaches will bring basketballs.  Curtis and Laurel will be in the Target Center (having already watched the 5th grade scrimmage by this time).


BLUE Uniforms

WHITE Uniforms


Jack Van Slooten

Jack Stiles


Noah Fish

Tucker Kerkvliet


Shane McCarver

Bryson Mohr



Aidan Welter





Parking Info - links to maps and addresses for the ramps


If you are looking for parking recommendations, I prefer Ramp A.  Enter the Target Center through the skyway and go to the street level lobby from there. 


We park by an elevator on Level 6 so we can leave our jackets in the car (for the scrimmage and for the game).  


What to Bring

The boys can bring bags into the Target Center for the scrimmage, but not the Timberwolves game.


Likewise, photo and video cameras are allowed for the scrimmage. However, video cameras are not allowed for the Timberwolves game.


FlashSeats Tickets


FlashSeats info available on our team website, here.

When entering the Target Center for the scrimmage, an usher will scan your FlashSeats bar code and give you a printed ticket.  This printed ticket plus the wristband are required to re-enter the Target Center for the evening game.


Hats for players and siblings (included in ticket price)

Hats will be distributed at the scrimmage.

Target Center Information

Target Center Policies - purses will be searched for the evening Timberwolves game and Target Center recommends large bags be left at home.


Game Day Information – including the location of new $5 kids meals.


After the scrimmage, before the game

All teams must exit the arena once the last game is over for that day. 


We [Curtis and family] are heading to O'Donavan's about 3:30.


Teams will be able to re-enter the arena 90 minutes before game time if you would like to watch the NBA players for both teams do pre-game shoot around. You will need both your ticket and wristband. You will re-enter through the doors on the skyway level.


If kids want to try and get autographs during shoot around (this is NOT guaranteed) they can line up on the steps of the tunnel in section 101 when you re-enter. This is a very limited area and this is the only place they are allowed to stand to try and get autographs. Everyone else can hang out in the lower level in sections near them. Fans are not allowed to sit in any of the courtside seating areas