BYB is committed to a quality program at a competitive price.  The cost for the 2023-2024 Traveling season is:

$30 Tryout Fee (non-refundable): This covers the administrative costs for the tryout process.

$775 Season Fee: includes tournament fees for 10 tournaments per team, practice facilities, safety training for coaches.

Fees can be paid in full, or set up in a payment plan during the registration process.  Payments must be completed before the first tournament.  If your player does not make a traveling team after tryouts, they will automatically be placed on an In-House team and the difference paid for season fees would be credited to you.

BYB is unable to process individual refunds after the season begins.  You may purchase insurance which may reimburse you in case of a season-ending injury to your player.  You will see this option during the check-out process and it is handled separate from BYB if you file a claim.

Tournaments are on weekends, often Saturday and Sunday.  Most tournaments registered through BYB have a "No Gate Fee" model.  These require higher costs up front for team participation and these costs eliminate at-the-gate entrance fees.  



BYB offers a scholarship of up to $200 off the registration fee for the Traveling program and up to $80 off the registration fee for the In-House program.

If you participate in the Free or Reduced Price Lunch program through the school district and would like a reduced rate, please contact our VP of Business Operations at