Scoring a Boys In-House Game

On the SE Mobile App,

1. Go to Teams in the lower left and select the NTCB League team (branded blue and gray). 


Note: Coaches will see two teams on the mobile app – one branded BYB as the coach’s name, one branded NTCB (blue and gray) as Blaine and a team grade and number.  These teams are synced together.  Parents will only see the BYB team.


2. Select the Schedule box and find the game you want to score.

3. Follow the directions here to edit the score (explained for iOS and Android).

Scoring a game on the  NTCB League will update your Blaine team web page (may take a few moments to sync).

NTCBL uses the scores to create standings for the end of the season tournament.  You can find the standings for the season on the Northern Twin Cities Basketball League website: under NTC Boys Basketball --> #Grade Boys (where # = grade) --> Standings