6 Hour Volunteer Committment

The cornerstone of Blaine Youth Girls Basketball is the commitment and effort of our volunteers!

Parents of all traveling players are expected to volunteer about six hours during the Blaine Girls Invitational Tournament which will be held February 19-20, 2022.  Travel lite families are expected to volunteer about three hours at our home tournament in a single shift.  These time commitments are estimations given that we are unable to predict at this time what the roles of the volunteers will be based upon facility rules.

In addition to the registration fee, a deposit check of $250 will be collected at the beginning of the traveling season.  It is the expectation that the deposit will be collected before the first BYB sponsored tournament.  

  • Checks will only be cashed if you do not fulfill the entire volunteer commitment. 
  • Once the volunteer time commitment has been met, we shred and dispose of the $250 volunteer check collected at the beginning of the season (usually at the first practice). 
  • We do not want to cash your check!  Our is goal to get your time, not your money!

Thank you Volunteers! We appreciate you!