How long is the season?
The season will start at the end of October and end the beginning / mid  March.  The BBCC pays for 8 tournaments.  Coaches have the option to add additional tournaments.  The added cost would need to be picked up by the team.  Practices could be at either Blaine High School, local middle schools, elementary schools or area churches.

What kind of commitment is there for Traveling basketball?
Plan on 2-3 practices per week.  Practices will be decided by the coaches to best fit the schedule of the team.  Teams will typically play 8 to 12 tournaments per year.  Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays.  Tournaments typically charge $4 - $6 entry fee per spectator per day.  Traveling will need to purchase their own Game jersey and shorts.  Cost is ~$56 and is paid during the registration process.  

Is there a volunteer fee?
The BBCC does not charge a volunteer fee but expect our traveling parents to help during our program’s biggest fund raising event.  Traveling parents will need to work one 4 hour shift during our Blaine Traveling Tournament.   You will not be scheduled during your son’s game.  

What size basketball is used at the 4th – 8th grade levels?
For boys, 4th-6th graders play with a 28.5” ball.  7th – 8th grade play with the regulation basketball (29.5”).

Can I request my son to play with their friend for car pooling reasons? 
There are no player requests for Traveling.  All traveling teams are based on the BBCC tryout process. A player will be assigned to a traveling team depending on the results of tryouts.  If player decides not to accept their team assignment, they will be placed on a in-house team.

What does the $320 entry fee cover?
The entry covers the 4 pre-season skills / tryout sessions run by the Blaine HS staff.  The cost of 8 tournament registration fees and gym time for practices.  It also covers their practice jersey.   

Can I get a refund of my $160 entry fee if my child decides not to play basketball after the pre-season tryout sessions and before I complete my traveling registration?
You will get a refund of 50%.  The remaining fee is used to cover the cost of gym time, instruction time, court monitors, tryout pinnies and administration costs. 

Do you provide basketball opportunities for players in grades 9th -12th?
No, our program covers K-8th grades.   There are leagues for HS aged players in Coon Rapids and Andover.

Where do I find the emergency form and code of conduct?
They can be found on the Policies and Forms page. (Click to be directed there)