What size basketball does K-1 use?
We use the Youth size 27.5” for K-1. 2nd – 6th grade uses the 28.5” size (Women’s Ball). 7th grade and up uses 29.5” (Men’s ball)

When and how long does the K-1 program run? 
The program starts in January and runs for 5 weeks. Check the website for exact dates/times.

What is the cost of the K-1 program?
$50 for 5 – 1 hour sessions

What is included in the registration fee?
Gym time, basketball instruction and program T-shirt

What do the kids learn in the K-1 program?
We do all skills work and try to keep a fun, fast paced environment – dribbling, passing, shooting form and pivots

What gyms are used for the K-1 program?
Jefferson Elementary and Blaine High School

Does the K-1 program play games?
No “traditional” basketball games. But we use games such as Sharks & Minnows, Dribble Tag, Lay up / dribbling contests to enhance skill development. Traditional basketball games start in 2nd grade.

Can I request my son to be with his friend?
We divide up the group of K-1st grader’s into multiple groups by last name so the kids get more individual instruction. We will take requests and try to accommodate, but can’t promise fulfillment.