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Bylaws, Policies, and Financials

Message from the BYB Girls Program Board of Directors

It is the goal of the BYB Board of Directors to be 100% transparent with all guiding principles of our program.  The following documents are available for public review and comment. If you have concerns or feedback on any of the documents below, please feel free to express those concerns via email at, or attend the next scheduled board meeting, which are always open to the public. All board members are volunteers from the community who share the common passion of creating a girl's youth basketball organization that is second to none in the state of Minnesota!  We believe that begins with full disclosure to the families in our program.


We reserve the right to take photos and/or videos of players in our program during practices, games, and tournaments for both online and offline promotional materials. PLAYERS PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS THEIR NAMES ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL AND NEVER USED IN THESE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS.

When you complete registration you agree to this policy. If you want to opt out of this policy, please send an email to: Please provide your players name, grade, and the program they are in (i.e. K-1 program, in house, travel). 

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