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Girls Basketball Board Members

Mike Tieden

President & Marketing Director

Phone: (763) 443-5750

President – Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the BYB and sees that all orders and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect.

Marketing Director – Develop strategic marketing and fundraising plans for the BYB; execute plans to grow the program.

Leslie Raida


Secretary – Records all votes and minutes of all BYB meetings.

Alison Schmitz

Vice President / Communications Director

Phone: 612-282-1844

Vice President – Performs the duties and exercises the power of the President, in the absence or disability of the President, and performs other duties as assigned.

Communications Director - Handles online registration information and communications to the players and families of BYB.

Julie Bryant


Tiffany Carlson

Assistant Treasurer

Treasurer – Has the custody of the BYB funds and securities and keeps full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to BYB.

Travis Van Slooten

Travis Van Slooten

Webmaster / Tournament Director

Phone: 612-605-5618

Leslie Raida

Assistant Webmaster

Brandon Aman

Assistant Tournament Director

Webmaster – Maintains the website for BYB ensuring all current information is posted.

Tournament Director – Perform duties required to run the Blaine traveling tournament each year including tournament flyers/postings, recruiting teams to complete brackets, tournament game brackets, and all detailed planning required to successfully host tournament.  Also schedules Blaine traveling teams to various tournaments during season.

Kim Keller

Traveling Director

Phone: (330) 242-2950

Kaela Rekucki

Assistant Traveling Director

Traveling Director – Performs duties as assigned by the BYB Board for traveling teams 3rd-8th grades. Manages the coach application/interview process. Oversees the try-out process and team formation.  Deals with team/coach conflict issues throughout the season.  Manages communications with coaches and team coordinators.

Danielle Schlomann

In-House Director

Phone: (612) 804-3554

In-House Director – Manages the in-house process for 2nd-8th grade teams, including coach application/selection process, team formation, coordination with surrounding communities, etc.  Deals with team/coach conflict issues throughout the season.  Manages communications with coaches and team coordinators.

Rita Beckman

Facilities Director

Facilities Director – Manages all gym rental contracts for team practices, games and tournaments in Blaine.  Schedules team practices each month and communicates with coaches on practice schedules.

Charet Pelkey

Procurement Director

Marilyn Ihlenfeldt

Assistant Procurement Director

Procurement Director – Negotiates all large or high cost orders of equipment and materials required by BYB.  Maintains inventory of basketballs, equipment bags, jerseys/uniforms, first-aid kits and other materials & supplies.

Michael Engelhaupt

Program Development Director

Program Development Director – Oversee coach development and team development process.  Provide guidance and development tips to coaches throughout season with practice plans, offense/defense strategies, etc.  Work with Traveling Coordinator and In-House Director as needed.

Laura Zachmann

Program Events Director

Program Events Director​ – Manages and coordinates all events for the BYB Girls program.

Jennifer Alexander

Volunteer Director

Volunteer Director – Coordinates volunteers needed for various events throughout the season including tournaments, fundraising events, and other activities.  Also communicates with team coordinators during the season.

Chris Brustuen

Blaine High School Girls Varsity Coach

General Contact Info

Blaine Youth Basketball
PO Box 490143
Blaine, MN 55449

(763) 691-9836

Interested in joining the BYB Girls Board?

The BYB Girls Board is always looking for additional board members.  Elected Board members serve a two-year term.