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Coaches Corner

Coaching Resources

Welcome to the Coaches Corner.  We are hoping you find this resource a great help in finding and posting drills, offenses, defenses, practice planning tips and other materials that help in supporting all levels of basketball. Please take a look to the right for your grade and check out the guide and practice plan layout for your convenience.  

Joe Claussen

Coach Development

Youth Drills

Hello Coaches, click on attached for some more great youth drills for all ages.

Read and React

Hey Coaches, this is a great introductory video on the read and react offense, check it out.

Hey Coaches, check out this YouTube video for a bunch of great drills to help your practice for K-8th. Also see below for a great defensive drill. 

Youth Inbound Play

Easy to learn youth inbound play. Check it out!

SportsEngine Team Management Tips

#SE Tips




There are two types of notifications for team events through SportsEngine

Push Notifications - these are handled through your SportsEngine Mobile App on your device. 

Email Notifications - you can receive email notifications 48 hours before BYB games and events.  


A brief description of each type and how to manage them for your team/user can be found here.