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Parent Information

By Coach Bryan, 09/25/16, 9:45AM CDT



Mandatory parent meeting: The BBCC holds a meeting before the season starts that at least one parent should attend. This meeting will  be held on Monday October 3rd  - 6:30 at the BHS Auditorium.
I am sure gym time will be getting scheduled in the next couple weeks, I will do my best to work around schedules, but with limited gym space I generally have to take what I can get. Fall sports take priority if your son is involved in a fall sport. I also know Wednesdays are usually not great days because of religion. God, Family and school take priority over basketball! 
As soon as we have the information we will get out a monthly schedule so you can plan ahead and weekly reminders will be sent out. We will also have a team page on the BBCC website that will be a good place to check for info and updates, their is also an app that can be downloaded to your phone that links to the website that gives updates every time something changes (for all you tec geniuses).
Traveling Registration:
You will need to register your player again for traveling basketball.  That registration site is not up yet but we will email you a link once it is up and going.
Our last year of youth basketball and they go and change the uniforms on us…..last years stuff wont work, Everyone will need to purchase a new uniform….don't shoot the messenger! More information will follow!
Overnight weekend:
This year we are going to Alexandria, December 3rd and 4th instead of Mankato in February…… We will send out an email with hotel information. Please book your hotel ASAP after the information is received or there is a chance you might not get a room at the same hotel.  It is a great experience for the boys to be together at the hotel on this trip…(kinda fun for the parents too !)
Pre-season Pictures:
We are planning to take some preseason pictures after we get our new uniforms.  Amanda Logan will be taking these picture, hopefully we will be able to find a weekend day that works for everyone. More info to come.  These pictures are not to replace the ones done by the league, these are something extra we are doing.
Heather (my wife) will be sending out all communication, schedules, weekly reminders, league reminders and emails - etc.  Feel free to contact me or her if you have any questions. 
That's it for now, but there will be much more info to follow so stay tuned!